So. This is fun. 

The widespread and universal disruption caused by the pandemic is curiously inhibiting. In theory, I have more time than ever before to get on with writing. In practice, ‘everything that’s going on’ – the general euphamistic phrase I hear around here – makes it difficult to buckle down. 

I’ve written one – ONE – chapter of Liberty, Spaceforce Book Four, and I bashed that out just before things got seriously weird.

Liberty is set on a world which was colonised by women from Earth, some few hundred years ago – women who were intent on creating a society entirely free from men. The planet is not part of the United Worlds of Earth, as the Union’s constitution forbids membership to worlds which exclude anyone on the grounds of race, species, gender or anything else, but it is of necessity part of the Union axis. As you can imagine, their society has developed along peculiar lines. When a high profile murder case appears to involve an illegal alien male, the local police have no choice but to call in Spaceforce. 

I’ve been quite excited to write this one, as I love worldbuilding outrageous societies, and I can reveal that Liberty is also going to introduce a storyline involving the Taysan succession. The Taysan Empress Thalia is very elderly, clearly nearing the end of her life… she has four sons but no daughter, so the heir to the Imperial Throne is a distant great-grandniece. I’ve been looking forward to introducing the Princess Lutheria, and all the political machinations that swirl around her. 

Despite all this, have I written Chapter Two? Not yet. So I’m making myself somewhat publicly accountable here, and promising to make the most of lockdown and get on with it. 

In the meantime, I’ve not been entirely idle. I’ve rebranded the whole Spaceforce series to make the series title front and centre, and changed the covers a couple of times. Here are the new, improved covers.