So… guess how pleased I was to find… this… popping up on my Netflix home page back in May.

No, Netflix had not decided to make a multi-million dollar TV adaptation of my little space opera book series. If they had, I would have issues with the casting of Steve Carell. He’s much too old to be Andri, and much too not sexy to be Jay.

The answer to the short quiz at the top of this post is, not pleased at all. Either I served a cease-and-desist notice on Netflix – and, as someone pointed out, I’d have to send it first to the US Government, who thoughtlessly named an entire department after my little space opera book series – or I would have to come up with a new name. This was on the eve of a planned relaunch, too, which was derailed anyway by the global pandemic.

Space Cops had been done. Star Cops had been done. So, in the end, Starcrime it is. It’s OK. At least it sounds as if the books have something to do with detective work, which Spaceforce didn’t necessarily convey. To my UK ears ‘force’ means police force, but to US readers – the majority of my audience – the word has more of a military connotation.

Spaceforce will be officially relaunched soon as Starcrime, with some exciting new giveaways for new and old readers alike.

Also, behold. New covers.