Liberty, the fourth installment of the Starcrime series, is now available on Amazon.

The story takes place on the human world of Liberty, a planet where, eight hundred years ago, a colony ship of women only landed to fulfil their dream of building a society free from men.

Not only are men forbidden to set foot on Liberty, but girls under the age of fourteen are protected from the knowledge that they exist. So when a media celebrity is murdered, the man found hiding in the next room is more than just a prime suspect… the scandal could destroy lives.

Particularly as the suspect happens to be Taysan.

I had a lot of fun writing this one. I have to admit that it grew out of a semi-joke, as my husband sometimes asked me when I was going to add Planet of the Lesbians to the Starcrime series for his own entertainment. 

I started to think about how I could take that idea and make it ‘real’. How would a single-gender human society work, what would it look like? How could something so fundamentally unnatural be imposed on a population? The answer was obviously the power of societal norms, which can make people accept anything – at least for a while. 

Whether a women-only world could really last for eight hundred years, who knows. But this is space opera, that very specific subgenre of a genre that already looks for a hefty helping of suspended disbelief. 

Liberty also takes us into the depths of the Taysan Imperial Court for the first time, discounting the brief scene near the end of Hope. It gave me the opportunity to introduce Princess Lutheria, a character I have had in mind for a very long time (she even gets a meta-mention in my contemporary fiction novel High Note, published in 2016), and the Taysan succession storyline, which is going to get more significant as the series goes on. 

Feel free to ask questions about Liberty or the Starcrime series in general.