Liberty – a world where women live in harmony, free from the tyranny of the Patriarchy. Not only are males of any sentient species banned from landing on the planet, but the very existence of men is kept secret from girls until they are fourteen years old. 

Detective Inspector Sentinel Peace is having a bad day. She’s caught her fifteen year old daughter  with an illegal photo of a male – and then she gets the news that a celebrity journalist has been found murdered. By a man, it seems. As head of the Counter-Masculine Unit, DI Peace is responsible for bringing the killer to justice. 

But the alien male is refusing to speak to anyone, except Captain Jeziandra of Starcrime…

I’m about three quarters through with the writing of Liberty, and having great fun with it. As well as the strange human colony of Liberty, we venture for the first time into the very heart of the Taysan Imperial Court. I thought I would do an early cover reveal. 

While these things are notoriously never certain, I’m hoping to get Liberty out before Christmas.