Adventure, fun and romance across three Galactic Empires

In the 800th year of the United Worlds, Earth is at the centre of a vast and diverse federation of planets.

But we are not alone. With the ancient, ritual-bound Taysan Empire on one side and the sinister, mysterious People’s Republic of Daros on the other, all-out war is only ever one diplomatic incident away.

The Earth-based Starcrime Bureau fights crime and keeps the peace in this fast-paced episodic series with a sweeping space opera backdrop.

Cyber-criminal Andri Ferris has lost everything. His job, his apartment, his girlfriend and his Earth residency permit. 

When the Starcrime Bureau offers him a deal – join up and put his hacking skills to good use, or take a one-way trip to Blackrock Prison Planet – Andri grabs this final chance.

But on his first routine training mission, he is thrown into a case that could threaten Galactic peace. The son of the Taysan Empress is kidnapped on an Earth colony world – and Starcrime’s rawest rookie must race to find the missing Prince before time runs out. 

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Fantasia is the Galaxy’s only theme planet – a whole world of fun for all the family!

But when the park’s chief engineer dies during the launch of a new ride, not everyone believes it’s an accident. Starcrime is called in – and Jez and Andri soon discover that there are dark secrets lurking beneath the pleasure planet’s shiny surface. 

What is the connection between the death of the human engineer, and the murder of a Taysan spy? As the Starcrime officers join forces with the Taysan agent Jay, who is fleeing the Empire with a woman he is forbidden to marry, they find that Fantasia is far from the happiest place in the Galaxy. 

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Few people from the United Worlds of Earth have ventured into the shadowy Darian Republic – even fewer have returned. 

When Starcrime officer Andri Ferris goes undercover into the secretive dominion, he is taking a deadly risk. As Citizen Andri, his every movement is followed by spy cameras. Informers are everywhere, even meals are regulated and sex is strictly forbidden. 

And when Andri learns the true nature of his mission, he is horrified. Stranded behind enemy lines, with no backup and no support, can Andri trust the girl who offers to help him?

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Liberty is a world where women live free from men.

A world where men are illegal. 

Detective Inspector Sentinel Peace is head of the Counter-Masculine Unit. It’s her job to hunt down any male who dares set foot on Liberty. When a celebrity journalist is murdered, DI Peace doesn’t hesitate to arrest the alien man found at the scene. 

But the male is refusing to speak to anyone, except Captain Jez of Starcrime. Peace has no choice but to call in the interplanetary detectives – and the apparent crime of passion turns out to be not all it seems.

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Free Starcrime book - Outcaste

Brilliant, ruthless and an eternal outsider in his own society, Jay is one of the key characters in the Starcrime series. Learn about how he became who he is in Outcaste, a short novel telling the story of a boy who was born different.