Doric Opera

Love... Lies... Opera

Opera is serious business.

To a group of dedicated music lovers in the small Scottish city of Inverdoun, it’s a matter of life and death.

The Doric Opera trilogy is a story of obsession, love and long technical rehearsals, set in the ruthless, cut-throat world of amateur opera.

When her first job finds her alone and lonely in a new city in the far north of Scotland, Melissa Covey decides to look for excitement – and possibly, for love. The local amateur opera company seems like a good place to start. 

Operatic tenor Ashley Fanshawe’s career is in the doldrums. His dreams of becoming the next Pavarotti are fading fast, his girlfriend is talking marriage, babies and a desk job. Taking a gig with an amateur company will give him one last chance to star. 

But Doric Opera is a hotbed of rivalries, intrigues and secrets, where relationships are not always what they seem. Melissa soon finds that when it comes to opera, the drama rarely stays on stage. 

Melissa is wary of tenors. She’s been burned before.

But when Doric Opera hires a gorgeous new Italian tenor to sing the lead role in its next show, she finds her resolve crumbling.

Antonio Schiavetti is charming, witty, exciting – and he’s sung at Covent Garden. How can she resist?

And how could she have known what would happen once rehearsals began?

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