About Philippa

I write books in several different genres, including science fiction, historical romance and romantic comedy.

I studied English at Oxford and then worked for some years in PR, before turning all my energies towards writing fiction. Sometimes I draw on my experiences, and I tend to give my books a Scottish setting, but I have to say that I’ve never commanded a starship or been swept off my feet by an early 19th century Highland clan chief. I have, however, sung in amateur opera companies for over three decades and even been president of one. The shenanigans in the Doric Opera trilogy are toned down, if anything, from real life.

While mostly I enjoy creating worlds and populating them with lively characters, the boundary between fantasy and reality is a common theme of my work. I love including subtle and not-so-subtle connections between all my fictional universes.

I’m currently working on relaunching and adding to the Starcrime┬áseries, previously known as Spaceforce until Netflix gazumped me!

I always love to hear from readers, so do get in touch below.


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Free Starcrime book - Outcaste

Brilliant, ruthless and an eternal outsider in his own society, Jay is one of the key characters in the Starcrime series. Learn about how he became who his is in Outcaste, a short novel telling the story of a boy who was born different.