Philippa Sidle

Science Fiction, Women's Fiction, Regency Romance

Latest Releases

Tenor Trouble

New tenor Toni Schiavetti is good looking, charming and single – and he’s sung at Covent Garden. How can Melissa resist?

The Lies of Lord John

Margaret wants to escape her new step-aunt. Lord John needs money, fast. Can a marriage made in desperation end in love?

Spaceforce: Citizen Andri

Stranded on a world where nothing is private and every moment of every day is monitored and controlled, Andri must find a way to survive – and complete an extraordinary mission.

Book Series


In Earth’s far future, Spaceforce fights crime and keeps the peace between three very different Galactic Empires. Fast-paced adventure, police procedure and romance in a sweeping space opera setting.

Doric Opera

When she joins Doric Opera, Melissa has no idea what she’s letting herself in for. Contemporary fiction set in the ruthless, cuthroat world of amateur opera.

Bonnie Brides

Writing as Fiona Monroe

Regency romance, with a sting! From the sophistication of Edinburgh’s New Town, to Highland castles and blackhouses, a saga of love and family in early 19th century Scotland.

Free Spaceforce book - Outcaste

Brilliant, ruthless and an eternal outsider in his own society, Jay is one of the key characters in the Spaceforce series. Learn about how he became who he is in Outcaste, a short novel telling the story of a boy who was born different.