Philippa Sidle

Science Fiction, Romantic Comedy, Regency Romance

Three Galactic Empires.

Two space detectives.

One alien spy.

A whole universe of intrigue, adventure and romance.

Starcrime is a fun, fast-moving space opera series, with likable characters, fantastical alien civilisations and plenty of mystery and mayhem.

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Book Series by Philippa Sidle


In Earth’s far future, Starcrime fights crime and keeps the peace between three very different Galactic Empires. Fast-paced adventure, police procedure and romance in a sweeping space opera

Doric Opera

When she joins Doric Opera, Melissa has no idea what she’s letting herself in for. Romantic comedy set in the ruthless, cuthroat world of amateur opera.

Bonnie Brides

Writing as Fiona Monroe

Regency romance, with a sting! From the sophistication of Edinburgh’s New Town, to Highland castles and blackhouses, a saga of love and family in early 19th century Scotland.

Free Starcrime book - Outcaste

Brilliant, ruthless and an eternal outsider in his own society, Jay is one of the key characters in the Starcrime series. Learn about how he became who he is in Outcaste, a short novel telling the story of a boy who was born different.



Thanks for checking out my web site. I’ve been writing and publishing fiction for many years, inspired in part by my early love of science fiction. More than anything else, I enjoy creating extraordinary worlds and filling them with fun characters. I hope you enjoy exploring my books – I’m always happy to hear from readers, so do get in touch. You can message me via this web site, or the Starcrime fan page on Facebook. Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram! 

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